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Last modified: October 5, 2013

In compliance with Law 34/2002 of 11 July, of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, below you can find the general information about this website:

Titleholder: Red Universal de Marketing y Bookings Online, S.A.U. (henceforth "Rumbo").
Registered Office: Calle Proción 1, 28023 Madrid (España).
Contact: 902 123 999 (00 34 911 965 841 when not calling from Spain) Registered at the Trade Registry of Madrid in Volume 15526, Book 0, Page 53, Section 8, Form M-254896, Inscription 3.
Fiscal Identification number: A-82602871.
Retail/wholesale travel agency with Community of Madrid Identity Code: CICMA 1800

This website, including the web pages which make it up (henceforth, Website), belong to Rumbo. This company offers its users (henceforth User or Users) the possibility to access information on trips and tourism.

Access to this website is subject to each one of Rumbo's issued General Conditions (henceforth General Conditions) in force at the precise moment of accessing this website. Therefore, Users must carefully read the following General Conditions before using this Website (as well as the specific conditions which may complement, modify or substitute these general conditions in relation to specific services or contents in the Website) because they could have been changed since the last time the User accessed the site.

All Users declare that they are of full legal age and in legal capacity to purchase the services offered at Rumbo's website.

Access to this Website is not allowed to those Users living in jurisdictions where its content is forbidden.

Contracting services through this website

This website is aimed at end-users, and it can only be used in order to gather information to purchase a service through the website. Other purposes of use are not allowed without express written consent from the website holder.

The following actions are not allowed:

  • Using the Website against the current legislation, the good faith, common procedures and public order.
  • Using the Website with detrimental intentions against Rumbo or a third party, or which, in any way, can cause damage to Rumbo or prevent the correct functioning of the Website.
  • Introducing in the net programs which may damage the computer system of Rumbo or of the company rendering tourist or travel services (henceforth, Travel Supplier), or of suppliers or of third party users of the intranet or the Website.
  • Including the Website's information on search engines that compare prices.
  • Accessing the Website through a robot, a spider or any other automatic search tool.
  • Mass searches regarding the purchases made on the Website.
  • Making false, speculative or fraudulent operations.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Rumbo reserves the right to deny access to the Website at any time, without previous notice and without compensation, to those Users who fail to fulfill these General Conditions or the specific conditions applicable. Had Rumbo reasonable cause to believe that an operation against these General Conditions had taken place, Rumbo will be authorized to cancel it, and the relevant authorities may be informed.

Users must be aware that the purchase of the above mentioned services is regulated by specific contractual conditions in accordance with the applicable laws in each case, which will be agreed between the Users, the Travel Supplier and the Travel Agency.

The following conditions will always be applied:

1. Rumbo's liability

Unless otherwise stated, every ticket offer or booking of all types of transportation, hotel reservation, tourist service, or any other product or service offered by Rumbo through its Web Site is done as intermediary. That is, Rumbo just brings into contact the Travel Supplier and prospect clients. Therefore, Rumbo is an intermediary and only draws up contracts between the User, on one hand, and the Travel Supplier, on the other, without promising or providing services, not bound by their result. Therefore, Rumbo is not responsible for the failure to comply or the right fulfillment of those services which are part of the contract between the Travel Supplier and the User.

Since it is the User who engages with the Travel Supplier, all complaints or queries relating the service must be addressed to the Travel Supplier. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Rumbo offers Users its Customer Service to help them with queries and recommendations . Additionally, Rumbo accepts each and every liability or prohibition under the current legislation concerning the exclusion or limitation of professional liability in the fulfillment of the intermediary contract.

With the purpose that the User can access the comparison of the desired services, Users expressly accept that Rumbo takes the necessary steps, on their behalf, with the Travel Supplier in order to make the comparison possible.

2. Browser and operating system

The Website's screens are optimized to be used with Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox 2 (and later versions), Safari, Chrome and Opera with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Rumbo is not responsible for the results obtained using a different browser, version or operating system.

The information contained on the Website is provided for the Users' own convenience. Rumbo does its best to avoid mistakes of its content on the Website. Nevertheless, Rumbo is not responsible for the information the User may obtain through links to external sources, independent from Rumbo.

The security measures taken by Rumbo are adequate. However, the User must be aware that security measures of the computer systems across the Internet are not completely reliable and service depends on internal and external elements.

Additionally, Rumbo does its best to maintain the Website updated and in working correctly. However, Rumbo is not responsible for and does not guarantee that the access to the Website will be infallible, constant and free of flaws. Likewise, Rumbo cannot guarantee that the content or software the User can access through the Website will be free of harmful elements, virus, interferences, breakdowns, omissions, disconnections or other elements which can be damaging to the User or can produce alterations on the hardware and software computer systems of the User, or on her/his electronic files and documents.

Likewise, Rumbo will neither be responsible for any kind of damages arising from the usage of the Website, including, but not limited to, damages to the computer systems or caused by the inadequate use of the Website; interruptions or telecommunications flaws during financial operations; those caused by third parties through illegal interferences which Rumbo cannot control.

3.Privacy policy and privacy statement about personal data processing

Information regarding the way in which we process personal information and how cookies are used on the Website can be found in our Privacy Policy.

4. Intellectual property

The intellectual property rights of the Website, its source code, design, browser structure, software, database and all elements included belong to Rumbo, as well as the rights of exploitation in any way and, especially, the rights of reproduction, modification, distribution, communication, cession, public disposal and transformation.

All names, designs and/or logos of the Website are registered trademarks. Its unlawful use by anybody different from its legal owner will be prosecuted in accordance with the current legislation.

Third part intellectual property rights and brands must be respected by whoever accesses the Website. Rumbo recognizes its owners the corresponding industrial and intellectual property rights. Its mention or appearance on the Website does not involve any rights nor responsibility for them, neither endorsement, sponsorship nor recommendation.

In order to preserve possible intellectual property rights, if any User or third part considers that her/his rights have been violated by any content introduced on the Website, the User must notify Rumbo of it, providing:

  • In order to preserve possible intellectual property rights, if any User or third part considers that her/his rights have been violated by any content introduced on the Website, the User must notify Rumbo of it, providing:
  • Holder of the rights allegedly infringed. Should the claim be filed by a third part, she/he must submit proper accreditation.
  • Contents protected by intellectual property rights and their location on the Website.
  • Enough accreditation of intellectual property rights.
  • Express statement that the interested party is responsible for the truthfulness of the information provided.

5. Force majeure

Rumbo will not be responsible for non-fulfillments or damages caused as consequence of circumstances beyond Rumbo’s control, coercion or unforeseen circumstance, which include, not limited to, strike, industrial dispute, war (whether declared or not) or war threat or preparations for war, invasion, rallies, terrorist attack or threat, terrorist activities, riots, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, hurricane, earthquake, fire, snowstorm, explosion, storm, sinking, epidemic, impossibility of using trains, boats, planes, motor transportation or any other means of transport, public or private, impossibility of using telecommunication systems, unexpected breakdown, transport accidents, etc.

6. Links to other websites

Within the Website, Rumbo may place at the User’s disposal links to other websites, managed and monitored by third parts. Rumbo does not sponsor nor guarantee any of these websites, which have been included for the User’s benefit. Therefore, Rumbo does not assume any responsibility, not even indirect or subsidiary, for any damage which may arise from access, maintenance, use, quality, legitimacy, reliability and usefulness of the contents, information, communications, opinions, statements, products or services existing in or offered by the websites not managed by Rumbo and accessible through the Website.

Users accept that Rumbo reserves the right to remove at any time and without prior notice the links that appear at the Website.

7. Website content provided by users

Rumbo is not responsible for the content or any transmission included by the Users on the Website, or among Users. The responsibility of the statements spread on the Website is exclusive of those who make them.

It is forbidden any kind of data transfer made by the Users in the Website or other accesses controlled by Rumbo which go against practice in good faith, against customs, moral or public order; which break third part copyrights; which are threatening, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, racist, xenophobic, indecent, disrespectful or illegal; which involve statements in defense of terrorism; which threaten human rights. And it is also forbidden the transfer of any other material which constitutes a criminal offense or incites to a conduct which can be considered as such.

It is forbidden to sell or advertise any kind of product or service, to conduct surveys, polls or contests and to send chain emails.

As a rule, Rumbo does not revise, filter or approve content by Users. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, Rumbo reserves the right to remove any content provided by Users which go against these General Conditions, as well as to prevent or prohibit access to the Website. This will be done at Rumbo’s discretion, without prior notice and the User will have no right to damages.

If the User believes, at any time, that the contents provided by other User do not follow these General Conditions, she/he can notify it to Rumbo’s Customer Service by mail. Upon reception of this kind of notification, Rumbo will do its best to remove from the Website those contents which may infringe these General Conditions.

If required by a court order or by the proper authorities, Rumbo will cooperate in the identification of those responsible for the illegal contents.

The User authorizes Rumbo to use her/his contents and images in the Website for free, whether as a whole or partly. All this with the limitation and exception of the use and application which may go against the right of honor, moral and/or public order under the current legislation in each country. Rumbo is exempt of responsibilities for any use made by a third part of these contents.

8. Severability

Due to the decentralization of the legal framework affecting the activity of travel agencies, these General Conditions may be subject to different regulations and jurisdictions. Should any condition of these General Conditions be null, its validity would not be affected by this circumstance.

The non-effective condition will be substituted by a new one, or interpreted in a legally acceptable way which will be as close to the original sense as possible, had the inefficiency of the said condition been known.

9. Enforceability

The fact that Rumbo, at one time, may not demand the User to fulfill one of the General Conditions will not affect at all Rumbo’s right to demand its fulfillment at a later time or the right of a third part to demand its fulfillment.

Any waiver on Rumbo’s part to any right or power granted by the General Conditions must be in writing. The omission on Rumbo’s part to demand the strict enforcement of any condition will not be considered as a waiver, nor will deprive Rumbo of the right to demand, at a later time, the strict enforcement of them.

10. Law and jurisdiction

All terms and conditions on these General Conditions are ruled by the Spanish law and the parties, waiving their own jurisdiction, submit themselves to the Courts of Madrid for any action or claim which could arise from this relationship, provided no specific jurisdiction is established by law.

Rumbo offers the User the possibility to access its Website in different languages. Nevertheless, should any contradiction arise between the different versions of these General Conditions, the Spanish version will prevail over the rest.

© 2016 – Red Universal de Marketing y Bookings Online, S.A.U. – All rights reserved.

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